Audio Book: O’Mally’s of Montana

O'Mally's of Montana CD

O’Mallys of Montana takes place in the Bitterroot valley. It is 1896 and Marcus Daly has built a town named Hamilton to serve mill workers who supply timbers for the mines in Butte. Callie Donneland has set her cap for Bucky, the youngest son of entrepreneur Red Garland. She takes foolish chances to keep Bucky interested and finds she is pregnant with his son. Bucky refuses to support or even acknowledge the baby. Shadrack O’Mally migrates from Texas with his parents. He plans to put down roots in the valley and find himself a wife. He can’t quite forget Callie, who is now married to Bucky, but living alone. With a vicious murder and a hearing on the minds of everyone in town, Callie grasps at the only solution to her problems… 4 disc set for $14.00

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